Biathlon Links
Below you will find several links for Biathlon related websites and other Biathlon vendors.
International Biathlon Union
The International governing body
US Biathlon Association
The governing body for Biathlon in the USA
National Guard Biathlon Program
Utah National Guard Biathlon Team
They have a great resource for Biathlon training and other links
Eastern Sierra Armory
ESA is located in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  They build a biathlon rifle stock for Anschutz, Izhmash, and Savage Mark II rifles.  They also have developed front and rear snow sights for use on the Savage Mark II rifles.
For a great biathlon rifle, please check out Easter Sierra Armory (you can also find them on Facebook).
RMA Sports UK
RMA carries the Maverick Biathlon Cuff for the United Kingdom and Europe
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Lost Nation R&D
They make a unique modular biathlon rifle stock that is compatible with Anchutz, Izhmash or Savage.
and they designed the bracket for the Maverick Biathlon Products Carrying Harness