Biathlon Rifle Harness
Our Harness design is finally ready for Production. Some of the features of our Harness:

Bungees to tie into the bottom of the stock

Compatible with Anschutz rail systems and all Eastern Sierra Armory Stocks
(For ESA Stocks please see bottom of page)

Fully IBU compliant.

For traveling with a hard rifle case, the shoulder straps and bracket are easily removed from the rifle leaving your bungees attached to the stock.  This prevents the shoulder straps from being broken by repeated bending back and forth. 
At your destination you can re-install them on the rifle, in a couple of minutes, knowing that your bungee length has not changed

The angle of the shoulder straps can be adjusted from a narrow to a wide fit across the shoulders depending on the athlete's preference and body build.

This project has been a long time in coming.  Thanks to Ethan at Lost Nation R & D for his innovative bracket design
Check out their Biathlon Stocks at 

Access a copy of our Carrying Harness How To Guide

We offer it in the following standard colors:

Baby Blue, Black, Blue, Burgundy, Lime Green, Orange, Red, White, or Yellow.

Optional Colors (for an additional $10 and could take up to ten additional days to complete):

Army Camo, Autumn Camo, Barbed Wire, BDU Camo, Blue Smoke, Brown Smoke, Chain, Colored Dots, Fire,
Fireworks, Flames, Green Smoke, Jaguar, Leopard,

Marine Green Camo, Navy Camo, Paws in Pink, Paws in Red, Paws in White, Pink Camo, Pink Polka Dots,
Pink Tartan, Rainbow Stripe, Tie-Dye, Tiger, Wicked Purple, Winter Camo, or Zebra

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How to tell if you have an Eastern Sierra Armory Gen 1 or Gen 2 stock?

If you have a single point of attachment for the harness, as in the photo below, you have a Gen 1 or Gen 2.

All others have a rail instead of the single attachment point